Aquatic Concepts business systems facilitate growth and profitability in pool areas. We have experience managing aquatic operations and are able to identify and optimize profit points. The Aquatic Concepts systems, once implemented, enhance existing swim programs and provide a quality as well as profitable pool. Centers that currently do not have a swim program are able to watch a pool area come to life and provide a profit stream that is unbeatable.

Phone Assessment

Aquatic Concepts provides a free phone assessment that will assist in identifying the needs of any aquatic facility. During this meeting, we discuss the pools at your facility. The topics include the present fiscal condition, overview of any swim programs running, as well as the direction the center is looking to reach. We encourage the facility owners or directors to bring as much information to this meeting as possible. A basic snapshot of the current business operations opens the door to develop a successful blue print for profit.


Profit Snapshot

The process continues with an on site visit to observe the layout and operations of the business. During this meeting, a profit snapshot is generated as well as data collected to enhance the profitability factor available at the pools. The profit snapshot assists in the next stage of recommending the best profit solution powered by Aquatic Concepts.


Onsite Consulting

Aquatic Concepts will provide a recommendation of the most profitable Aquatic Concepts service available that will be customized to each site location. Aquatic Concepts will also deliver a revenue potential for each pool area to assist in understanding the scope of profitability available.


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