Making Pools Profitable


Aquatic Concepts offers consulting services that provide investigative stages of a facility's need. Many times business owners or directors are not sure the direction they want to take to make their pool areas more functional and therefore profitable. Aquatic Concepts is knowledgeable in providing profitable solutions that can be scaleable to any budget or timeframe.

1. Aquatic Site Potential

Aquatic Concepts offers a snapshot study of your local area's potential. Aquatic Concepts will conduct a surrounding community comprehensive study that will inform you whether your area can support an aquatics center. Aquatic Concepts will provide a detailed analysis that will review and document the construction costs that will be required, and whether your aquatics area will be capable of becoming profitable and what level of operating costs would be necessary.

2. Swim Program Assessment

Aquatic Concepts is able to analyze current swim operations and evaluate the fiscal impact it has on the financial statement of the business. Many times swim programs are operating but are not profitable and are a financial burden to the bottom line. Aquatic Concepts can help reorganize the profitability of swim programs where at a minimum the pools are paid for by the swim programs. The goal is to have pools not be a cost, but instead be a revenue stream.

3. Aquatics Staff Training

Aquatic Concepts offers a comprehensive staff training that can boost any swim program and reinvigorate a bored and complacent group of aquatic staff. This service will analyze productivity as well as review policies and procedures for swim instructor training. The on going maintenance and staff development is important for any swim program. A knowledgeable group of aquatics staff is great for word of mouth business marketing. It has a huge impact on the bottom line.


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